Since 2006, AGVA studio develops architectural works with a high standard of quality for public and private clients. We design buildings which are conceived to provide satisfaction and well-being over time. In each work we strive to give the optimal, most suitable creative and constructive solution.


For us it is essential to create a relationship of trust with the client. Our design process is based in deeply understanding the client´s wishes and needs, and trying to find the best solution that is possible. A detailed project and prior planning allow us to have a strict control of the budget and the established schedule.

Full Service

We offer a comprehensive project and coordination service: feasibility studies, preliminary designs, draft and executive plans, construction documents, construction management. We also take care of selecting the most suitable construction companies for your project if you require it. We work with an excellent network of trusted professionals (construction companies, structural calculators, installation engineers, environmental technicians, lighting designers … etc.) who allow us to give the best response to each specific work. The building is a collective work that requires knowledge, coordination and demand to achieve a high level of quality.


We are convinced that architecture must contribute positively to its surroundings at an environmental, social and cultural level. We work with rigor and enthusiasm to develop sensitive and responsible projects with both the landscape and the environment.


  • Feasibility studies and preliminary projects
  • Design and executive plans, construction documents
  • Project and construction management
  • Rehabilitation projects & refurbishments
  • Management of licenses and legalizations. Urban planning consultancy
  • Reports, appraisals and certificates