We have extensive experience in urban design and landscaping projects, especially in Spain and Germany, carried out in collaboration with other companies and multidisciplinary teams. Public and private projects have been developed in highly complex contexts in terms of design, coordination and project management.

We design attractive public spaces with character, places to be lived by people of all age and condition. We are especially interested in the use of natural elements to improve the urban environment and the well-being and health of people, selecting the most suitable vegetal species for each climate and situation. We are conscious that urban design must respond to a large number of technical and functional requirements, be durable, easy to maintain, safe and inclusive.

Urban Planning

AGVA Studio offers a wide range of urban planning and design services, including urban planning advice, feasibility studies and preliminary projects, general and derived territorial planning, master plans, detailed studies… etc. In each case we strive to achieve a good understanding with the different administrations and agents which are involved.


  • Urban planning advice
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary projects
  • Masterplans, PP, PMU, PE
  • Advice and  planning modifications
  • Public space and urbanization projects