The spaces where we live have a great influence on our well-being, health and quality of life. Whether it is a single-family house, the refurbishment of an apartment, the rehabilitation of an existing building or a multi-family residential building, we design spaces made to measure for our clients which are comfortable, practical and attractive. These are the principles that we apply to our projects:


Among the conditions of a comfortable home, the following stand out: a good orientation in relation to sunlight and views, good insulation against the climate and humidity, well-planned natural lighting, a practical design that optimizes daily tasks, well-designed spaces with an adequate proportion, suitable materials and careful construction. Just as important is creating a home with a true character that reflects the personality of the people who will live in it.


Saving energy and natural resources is now a matter of shared responsibility and intelligence. In housing design, we combine passive strategies to achieve efficient houses with almost zero consumption. We also collaborate with specialists and companies dedicated to the implementation of photovoltaic, thermal solar energy installations, and aerothermal installations, among others, choosing the most appropriate solution in each case. Regarding construction, we select sustainable and durable constructive systems and materials -preferably natural-, which require little maintenance.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the characteristics of the spaces and materials that surround us have an important influence on our health, well-being and quality of life. Temperature, light, ventilation and humidity control are very important factors in achieving a healthy habitat. So is using non-toxic materials and paints and biocompatible facilities to avoid electrosensitivity health problems. 


The concept of ecological house is today very broad and includes different models and strategies. Passive houses, rehabilitations according to the criteria of bioconstruction with local materials, prefabricated constructions with CLT wood panels or integrating waste recovery materials…what characterizes the concept of an ecological house is the commitment to improve the impact of the entire construction cycle and the use of housing both on the health and well-being of users, and on the environment, reducing the use of material and energy resources, as well as emissions and waste.

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